Top Automotive Powder Coating Services, Service Providers in Pune, Chakan, Bhosari from Maharashtra

We at METADEK COMPANY are one of the leading and developing Automotive Powder Coating service provider in Pune, MIDC, Chakan, Bhosari in MAHARASHTRA. Our automotive powder coating services company in Pune performs technical procedures for enhanced performance and applies ceramic based coatings which can withstand high temperature ranges up to 1800’. It can also be used as a decorative coat for the automotive surfaces.

We automotive powder coating service providers in Pune offer these coating having strong and tough finishing features. You can get about 6500+ variety of custom colors for displaying attractive appearance to choose from as per your requirement and choice.

Our automotive powder coating Services Company in Pune provides these coatings with many consequences from UV exposure, damage from harsh weather, road debris, rainfall, etc.

Info and its properties!

AUTOMOTIVE POWDER COATING is a kind of primer surface which has the potential to keep the look of vehicles as that of showroom quality for long time. This can easily hide any kind of imperfection managed at the time of casting process.

It provides a separate uniform appearance to the coated area. This method provides the protection against overspray so that the powder can be recollected and used up again for effective of cost savings.

Automotive Powder Coating Services