Sandblasting Powder Coating Services, Service Providers in Pune, Chakan, Bhosari from Maharashtra

We at METADEK COMPANY are one of the leading and developing Sandblasting Powder Coating service provider in Pune, MIDC, Chakan, Bhosari in MAHARASHTRA. Our sandblasting powder coating service company in Pune deals in providing quality sandblasting process for clear appearance of metal and giving assurance for the coating to last longer. This prepares the surfaces for powder coating without leaving any kind of oils, paint, rust and damaged plating of zinc, etc.

Key Benefits

  • • Easy Removal Of Tough Contaminants
  • • Faster Cleaning
  • • Effectiveness For Angles And Curves
  • • Exceptional Reusability
  • • Strong Bonding With Surface

What is meant by sandblasting powder coating? What are its features?

SANDBLASTING POWDER COATING consists of sandblasting also known as media blasting is a process which refers to the deep cleaning of metal while preparing the surface for coating. It serves as one of the highly effective way to strip, shape or smoothen the surface of any material.

After the process of sandblasting powder coating is applied for preventing residues or rust from laying them on the object surface. This not only removes the dirt or dust but also leaves minor scratches which make coatings to sink and bond easily with the surface.

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