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Best Epoxy Powder Coating Services, Service Providers in Pune, Chakan, Bhosari from Maharashtra

We at METADEK COMPANY are one of the leading and developing Epoxy Powder Coating service provider in Pune, MIDC, Chakan, Bhosari in MAHARASHTRA. Our epoxy powder coating services company in Pune offers this unique technique for producing exceptionally hard finish on the surfaces making them abrasion and impact resistant and too from harsh chemicals.

This specific coating includes epoxy resins that are mixed along with the powder. It acts as the effective barrier against the process of corrosion of metals.

We epoxy powder coating service provider in Pune supply these quality service which is nontoxic as well as non-volatile in nature. This coating also does not allow causing any risk of fire or dangerous hazards.

What is epoxy powder coating? What are its features and uses?

EPOXY POWDER COATING is a special process of coating of thermoset polymer material that is hard in nature. It provides various properties like flexibility, chemical resistance, high adhesiveness, etc. These coatings are unique from other type of coats because of their thermoplastic and thermosetting properties.

They are provided as amazing metal protectors. This also have easily removable feature when required. These coatings could be used at the temperature range up to 150’C or more. It has dielectric strength of about 12,000volt/mils and range of thickness over 10mils.

They are involved in the applications where hard electrical insulated coating is needed. These are used huge range of works in industrial furniture, poles, pillars, pipelines, marine structures, machineries, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

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