Top GI Powder Coating Services, Service Providers in Pune, Chakan, Bhosari from Maharashtra

We at METADEK COMPANY are one of the leading and developing GI Powder Coating service provider in Pune, MIDC, Chakan, Bhosari in MAHARASHTRA. Our GI powder coating Services Company in Pune offers this specialized surface coating work with the help of premium quality galvanized iron material which is applied along with polyester over the hot dip galvanized steel. These overall galvanizing steps are considered as one of the excellently lasting protective coatings.

We GI powder coating service providers in Pune also perform this process in producing colorful coating over the surface and it involves immersion of steel or iron workpieces that are dipped in molten or liquified zinc. It is a versatile coating procedure that is famous across use in multiple different industries.

Info and its specific features!

GI or GALVANIZED IRON POWDER COATING is a kind of coating which involves the unique process of galvanizing. This is the way through which we can create a protective layer of protection in the form of coating. It is also available in variety of shaded colors.

It provides the advantageous features of sacrificial protection and this will absorb the materials that are corrosive in nature before they reach up the objects of metal or surfaces. This gives the outcome of optimum performance and longer service life of the adequate coating work.

GI Powder Coating Services